Movie Tie-Ins Coming Soon to Everywhere Near You

04/20/2008 20:46

Ah, summer. A season of secret identities, spandex bodysuits and the crack of the bullwhip. Yep, a raft of Hollywood blockbusters are once again embracing Madison Avenue with the hopes of box-office glory. Here begins a semi-regular series from Madison & Vine that will look at the marketing partners of upcoming summer films, and how they plan to make certain that no seat goes unfilled, no eardrum unbusted and, of course, no wallet untapped.

In the hope of avoiding the anemic revenue predicted by Wall Street for this summer, Hollywood has been taking its supplements.

A recent Citi Investment Research report on media and entertainment from analyst Jason Bazinet is forecasting "tepid" 2008 revenue for studios: Their revenue is expected to be down 3% overall thanks to flagging DVD sales, and that's despite a projected 2.5% increase in box office.


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