Ad Track: Spike Lee directs for Nokia, with consumers' help

04/28/2008 08:26


Moviemaker Spike Lee will do a short film for cellphone company Nokia that will be created entirely from material contributed by consumers at Through Aug. 21, would-be collaborators can upload original text, music, images or video. Lee will decide what makes the cut for the final 9- to 12-minute film to be shown this fall at the soon-to-open Club Nokia auditorium in Los Angeles.

The deal will help Nokia "connect with consumers" as well as raise brand awareness, says Craig Coffey, vice president of marketing for North America.




Lee's now testing Nokia's newest multimedia handset but admits he's behind on cutting-edge technology. His home is filled with "lots of different remotes," and his kids often have to help him figure out which ones work which devices. "I've got major work to do," he says.

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